Reasons to Use an Electric Skillet

What is an Electric Skillet?

The electric skillet is a type of pan that you can use to fry and cook food. It’s not a surface like a normal stove top. You plug it into your electric outlet and you put your food inside. You don’t need a separate pot which makes it much easier. Because of this fact it’s really easy to fry things which is what I usually do with mine.

Frying fish, for example, is easy because you just plug it in, pour in a little oil and you fry your fish. It does not work for deep frying however but if you’re just frying things as you normally would on a stove top then it works really well.

The size of the pan determines how much food you can put in your electric skillet. That means if you are cooking for a bigger family then you will want a bigger skillet. If you are just by yourself or you cook for a few people then you can do with a smaller electric skillet.

Why an Electric Skillet is better

One of the best features of an electric skillet, however, is the cooking times. Because of the design, you can cook food faster and use less energy compared to how you would cook with a normal stove top or other methods.

In terms of electric cooking, a skillet is one of the best options you can buy because they are portable and efficient compared to a lot of other stove tops and gas cooktops. Being electric instead of gas also means your skillet is safer and you don’t have to worry about being poisoned by the gas or explosions.

The reason why an electric skillet might be the best cooking option for you is that it provides a more even cooking surface. Now let’s talk about the various sizes and shapes of skillets. They come in 3 different shapes. Namely square, circular and rectangular. People think that the square-shaped skillet holds the most amount of food and will be the best in terms of efficiency. You’ll be able to cook well with any shape, however.

Cool Features of Skillets

One thing you’ll enjoy about skillets is that some have temperature control. What this means is that you get a consistent temperature when cooking. So no more having to manually turn the temperature up and down to keep the same temperature. This is one of the main advantages of a skillet over a regular countertop heating element.
Another cool feature of skillets is having a nonstick surface which means your food will be less likely to burn and you won’t have a huge problem cleaning. This not only saves you time but ensures that you have the even heating that we’ve talked about.

How I use my Skillet

My favorite thing about my skillet is how much of a time saver it is. It’s simple to take out of the cabinet and plugin and start cooking. It heats up fast and holds temperature well and allows me to make my favorite recipes with almost no effort.

When it comes to what I cook, it’s usually fish and chicken. I’ve found that my skillet does a really good job frying my chicken until it’s really crispy and delicious and the consistent temperature and other features, ensure that I don’t have an oil clogged chicken or a chicken that’s not evenly cooked. What I mean is that the chicken isn’t dark on the outside and then light on the inside like chicken normally is when overcooked.

Disadvantages of using skillets

So as with everything in life, there are pros and cons. I’ve highlighted the many pros for using an electric skillet. The ease of use, the constant temperature, and the nonstick surface are some examples. The biggest disadvantage of a skillet, in my opinion, is that you have to store it and get it back with each use. This can become an issue if you are someone who cooks often. Not only that, but you’ll have to clean it a lot after each use.

The other big issue has to do with the use of the nonstick surface. Despite this being a pro sometimes, you will need to use a wooden spoon to cook your food or other wooden utensils so that you don’t damage the surface.

If you can look past the issues, however, an electric skillet is something you’ll enjoy having for its ease of use and convenience. I think that if you give it a chance you’ll find yourself using it a lot and eating delicious meals.


Despite being one of the most delicious drinks, Rum is also one of the most confusing drinks. One of the reasons leading to this is because it is made in different places. Another reason leading to the confusing is because Rum is made in different forms such as black strap, spiced, white, aged among other brands. To avoid the confusion, I have discussed 5 major rules for drinking Rum.


A lot of people think that rum is only good for mini Frozen Daiquiris BlackTail. To be honest, we all love our Mai Tais which serves as a welcome drink. When drinking Rum, it is important to explore different drinks. You will realize that Rum has a lot to offer. You only have to explore a variety of drinks and think outside the box.


If you need to explore a different brand, a bartender can either guide or mislead you. Rum is a confusing spirit and thus needs a knowledgeable bartender to be your guide. To starters, rum can be confusing since there are numerous styles and subgenres of the brand aside from the popular light and dark rum. Therefore, approaching bartenders with this knowledge can help you explore the brand in the right way.


It can be misleading for you to think that rum is always sweet. Rum is a spirit that is distilled from molasses. It is important to know that molasses is a by-product of the manufactured sugar usually extracted from sugarcane. Basically, anything distilled is not always sweet.

Nevertheless, if you have found rum having a kind of sweetness, you’re not on the wrong side. A lot of producers add sugar when making the brand. However, some producers do not add sugar on their distilled brands.


It is important to know that spirits are distilled up to 40% alcohol or 80% proof. However, rums are stiffer since they are distilled with over 80% proof. Therefore, adding ice or water will ensure that the alcohol vapours don’t overpower the flavours. A basic rule that you should note when drinking rums is that anything above 45% should be used with dilution of ice or splashes of water. Anything below 45% should be enjoyed neatly. Basically, you should drink it like whisky.


A simple and perfect way to start mixing rum cocktails is as simple as subbing for home. On the other hand, dark rum is a perfect alternative for whiskey in old fashioned or Manhattan. The perfect rum brand to go at a bar or at home is fresh Daiquiri. When using the drink, you should use it with water splashes or ice.

By following the stipulated steps, you will find rum interesting and favourable. For starters, the manual can be of great use in your journey. Moreover, the manual will help you to explore lots of rum drinks