Makita 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Driver-Drill (Model XFD10R)

The Makita 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Driver-Drill (model XFD10R) is one of the best drill I have ever used. Let’s just start out by saying that I have never said that before about any drill! I have owned several drills over the past 10 years, since I have taken a keen interest in several do it yourself and handy projects that require a drill. Regardless of any project that I have worked on, honestly speaking, no drill has worked with the power and durability of the Makita drill. I feel very confident about using this drill because of the performance and size, it is efficiently made to be useful in the manner I use it. This model is upgraded, I owned the previous model too, but this model has more speed and the ergonomics are high quality.

As I said above, this Makita drill is apart of an evolving series and it happens to be the largest cordless line-up of tools in the world. It has a Lithium-Ion battery and it has a super fast charge time. The resulting fact is that I can use the drill more because it is not always on the charger.

I have used various drills over the years and none compare to the features of the Makita. It is the fastest and quickest drill I have ever used and it truly is very powerful and masterful in its performance.

I discovered that it has a built in light and I really perked up about that. The light is pretty bright and when I Was down in my basement, I actually used it and it was pretty dark. It has something called Extreme Protection Technology, meaning it is pretty resilient against dust and water, for jobs that are being done in less than optimal situations.


  • Makita-built 4-pole motor delivers 480 in.lbs. of Max Torque
  • Mechanical 2-speed transmission (0-600 & 0-1,900 RPM) for a wide range of drilling and driving applications
  • Features Extreme Protection Technology which is engineered to provide increased dust and water resistance in harsh job site conditions
  • Dual L.E.D. lights with afterglow illuminate the work area
  • Ergonomically designed handle with rubberized soft grip provides increased comfort
  • Weighs only 3.3 lbs. with battery for reduced operator fatigue
  • Compact and ergonomic design at only 7-1/4″ long
  • All metal gear construction for increased durability
  • Ratcheting chuck engineered to prevent bit slippage and improves bit retention
  • 18V Compact Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah battery BL1820B, features an integrated L.E.D. battery charge level indicator


  • Rubber grip can be uncomfortable with gloves on
  • If you have big hands, you could accidentally cover up the LED light
  • Have to Remember it is lightweight and durable when using

You will definitely like the fact that it is great to use on all jobs and easy to love It is cordless and efficient. Although I am not a professional driller, I find that it is the easiest drill that I have ever utilized. I don’t think it’s because I am not a professional either, because when I needed maintenance at my house and the professional came over, he had the same drill! I thought it was funny and we joked about the fact that I am using the same drill he was, even though I did not have any of the training he did. He also agreed that it was the best drill he had ever used, so I realized it was not just my opinion but a general overview and rating that the new Makita cordless drill really is that good.

I’ve used it over and over and it has not decreased in its power or durability. I was surprised about that because my previous drill started to wane in performance after a year or so. However, this drill just keeps on drilling. Last time I used it, it actually seemed that it picked up power which I did not expect. I thought maybe it was going to do some power surge before it went out, but it has been working consistently and with great performance the entire time I have owned it.

One time I went to use my Makita and it was dead. I literally put it on the charger for 8 minutes and it was powered up and ready to go. I am not used to having power equipment that is so malleable and performing, so it surprised me that it was charged up so quickly. I actually had not even set all my materials out because I thought I would be waiting much longer, but my Makita drill beat me to the punch!

A good friend of mine needed to borrow a drill so I let her borrow my Makita. She used it on a home project and was so impressed that she bought one. She kept mine longer than she was supposed to until she got hers in! That is how much she got accustomed to relying on the Makita for her long term project she was doing. I did not mind because I know how good of a best drill it is and I was proud to share such a great tool that I have been using for some time now.

I would definitely recommend this drill to anyone who is looking for an upgrade or is purchasing for the first time, hands down it is a best cordless drill I have ever had.

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