What Happens When Cutting Out Processed Foods?

Cutting out bad habits may some times be hard for some, especially when it comes to food! Kicking bad food habits can be the hardest and take the most strength and diligence when it comes to making a change in your life. Some people might just go cold turkey and start by becoming a vegan while others may just want to cut out certain things that have been proved not so great for the body. One thing that you can do to start your journey to a healthier you is cutting out those processed foods! Yes, those addicting, taste bud loving foods that you most-likely grew up eating. The same foods that are sold by the can, boxes or bags. While it may be a little scary and difficult to cut these foods out, it can also be even more rewarding as you see the benefits it can have on your body and overall health. There can also have a few negative effects also while going through the process of cutting them out your body might not feel so good. In this article i’m going to share with you the 5 good-and bad- things that can happen to your body when you give up those processed foods!

Extreme Tiredness and Mood Changes

Like I mentioned before, some people have grown up eating processed foods. If you were one of those people, you could experience some side effects that could effect your body’s energy and mood if you decide to quickly cut these foods off. Not only may you feel tired more but it could make you feel a bit more irritable. You might also feel other negative effects like an increase of head pains or body aches. These symptoms won’t last forever though and in time your body will adjust to your health decisions!

Your Taste Buds Could Switch Up!

The main reason for you cutting out those unnecessary foods is because you want to change up your bad eating habits. Well after a while your taste buds will begin to take notice! After a while of the cut back and clean eating, you will begin to notice that you will find those old foods too sweet or too salty. You will begin to have a taste for healthier alternatives! Don’t get discouraged though because the process takes time and it won’t happen instantly. It may take up to 15 days for your taste buds to switch to the healthy side so don’t give up!

Your Stomach May Not Seem to Agree at First!

As you are changing your diet up, your GI tract may cause you some discomfort in the process. Some healthy choices that you decide on like adding more fiber to your diet could cause you to experience some bloating or diarrhea. As like everything else in your body, it will adjust after a while and your gut will thank you in the long run!

Weight Loss Goals!

If you have any goals to lose weight well this could definitely be the answer! Cutting out all the processed foods could start shrinking your waist line! This is good for those who are battling with obesity and people who need help with their weight. After not eating these foods for some time you will see a drop in your weight.

Energized and Ready!!

Of course cutting out these processed foods will come with it’s great benefits as well! As you cut out the bad foods you will feel yourself being more energized and motivated! Your body will give you a huge increase of energy while keeping you focused throughout the day!

Even though some people may go cold turkey with cutting out all processed foods, you don’t have to start out that way and you can keep certain foods in. The main goal is feeling like a healthier version of yourself. So even if you want to sneak in your favorite food in every once and a while it’s ok! Be happy and healthy while enjoying the foods you eat!


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